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Social networking and media is a worldwide phenomenon that is pervasive in all facets of our daily lives. We use it in business, charity, education, and in our personal lives. 87% of the population that use the internet use some form of social media nad 72% of the populace is connected via some form of a social network. This is indicative of the power of social networking as well as its importance. To stand out in any endeavor, you need to reach out and connect and today social media is the way to do just that. There is no more important way to communicate, educate and promote than through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest.

We at iSocialSearch are social network and media marketing experts based in the United States that understand the importance of promotion and of providing good optics to one's various stakeholders (be they business, charity, education, or personal). Standing out and/or keeping up is important. It is also key to understand that a website's social networking and media presence is an important component of SEO - that all important factor. The search engines are increasingly weighting social networking activity more heavily in their determination of site rankings. We help businesses (large or small), charities, educational ventures of all sorts, groups and individuals boost their social media presence. We do this by providing quality and safe services quickly, cheaply and with a high degree of customer service. We want to help our customers be successful in their social media efforts and promotions. The importance of social followers is well explained in this article posted in the Washington Times.

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