Facebook Likes are Key to Business Marketing

Facebook is omnipresent in our lives, both personally and professionally. Everyday we use facebook to interact with friends, family co-workers and association stakeholders. Of course we all know the key marketing benchmark of a facebook fanpage campaign is the Facebook Like. Everyday we are asked to “like” some product or another or a charity or club or something. Marketers (and Facebook itself as well) understand that showing popularity in the form of likes is critical to any marketing campaign. Likes show success and enthusiasm and it engenders more of the same. Few likes, show lack of interest and popularity and breeds more of the same. Businesses need to be savvy to the phenom that the “like” has become. In the video below, a representative from the on-line marketing company Revinate Inc., which specializes in the hotel niche, explains the importance of the Facebook Like:
Importance of Facebook Likes

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