Make sure you Buy Youtube Likes

By now everyone knows about the power and influence held by internet giant YouTube. The third most visited site and the the third most used search engine in the world (Google certainly has that search thing down, evidently). Having a popular YouTube video is an extremely valuable commodity. There are all sorts of things one can do with such a vehicle – promote standard websites, drive advertising revenues, or just pure promotion (always interesting to watch an advertisement on a video that itself is and advertisement!).

Buying youtube views is a well known and developed process to increase a YouTube video’s popularity. But, in the course of increasing your YouTube video’s views, you should not ignore the other metrics tracked by YouTube. As with Facebook, YouTube has likes for each video. It is an important element in rounding out the overall appearance of popularity of your video. A video where you buy youtube video views, but fail to buy a balanced number of youtube likes as well, leads to a skewed ration of views to likes and can arouse the suspicions of your viewers or even YouTube itself. To help create the proper balance of these metrics it is important to buy youtube likes to complement buying youtube views.

This video by a pc game maker does a good job of explaining the importance of youtube likes to a youtube video’s popularity.

Now, you can also buy youtube subscribers which is not directed at a specific youtube video, rather it is directed at your youtube channel. This is also an important element in the overall development of your Youtube video’s popularity and social following.