Should I Get More Instagram Followers?

Amidst the swirl of social networks is Instagram, the primarily mobile photo sharing social site. Really a complement to Facebook (which acquired Instagram for a staggering $1 billion dollars – even though the business makes no money) Instagram allows people to take pictures, apply filters and publish them on their Instagram page with the single push of an App button. In keeping with the Facebook premise that an unshared life is hardly one worth living (and definetly not one worth noting), this social sharing site eliminates the need for words or a computer to share the happenings in one’s life – you can share it with a photo (worth a least 1,000 words, before inflation) or lots of them. And, the beauty of it all, you can do so instantly! Just like the camera the site is named after (which, in reality, is not true. Instamatic was a Kodak camera that used film, thus requiring one to go the photo store to get your film processed – imagine that! – where are the camera that Instagram uses as its logo is a polaroid camera – which indeed was instant, or at least by the measure then prevalent at the time oh so long ago.) Facebook acquired Instagram to make sure that it did not miss out on this method of sharing one’s life with all (or at least their followers). So now one can share one’s life and thoughts through writing on Facebook (mostly done on the computer or tablet) or with pictures done exclusively on your smartphone. It appears that Facebook is trying to build a monopoly of platforms that enable people to share all things of their lives all the time. So, if you want to share your world, make sure you have plenty of Facebook likes (and you can buy facebook likes) to show your popularity to the world and get more Instagram followers to share more of yourself instantly and in real time! Fortunately, you can buy Instagram Followers (and Instagram Likes too) just as you can other social followers in the event you can’t engender enough followers on your own or at least to inspire others to join in the whirlwind of popularity that is now you Instagram Page. Just be careful with some of the filters on your images. Although most photography experts agree that the filtering system deployed by Instagram likely does more harm than good to the images (and all photos are filtered), using the wrong filter on an image can really turn out poorly – and thus not inspire a large turnout in popularity (evidenced by a lack of photo likes on your page, despite a healthy number of hard earned followers!) Good luck!!