Exciting News From Instagram

Today Instagram, now part of Facebook, announced that it is adding video to its already existing online and mobile photo application as you can read in this article. This is exciting news for the Instagram aficionado as it allows greater options to present your activities to your Instagram Followers. The new video feature will enable Instagram’s over 130 million users the option to post their recorded videos from their smartphones and tablets (at least those using iOS and Android – sorry Blackberry and Windows) for the visual and ephemeral benefit of their followers. Now, the clips can be no longer than 15 seconds in duration, but this is significantly longer than Twitter’s recently announced Vine feature which allows for 6 second videos (of course, everything on Twitter is supposed to be truncated). Obviously, Instagram parent corporation Facebook is trying not to lose further social networking space to Twitter (and where there’s space, there is room for ads!) and is using this new facet of Instagram’s offering to show that it is competitive in the see-me-now communication arena. Now skeptics would worry that this new capability is a prelude to using the platform to add commercials to Instagram – something that it has not done up to this point, but the head of Instragram and a co-founder, Kevin Systrom denies that this was not the motivation behind developing the feature. Time will tell, but one can be certain that Facebook, Instagram’s parent company and one that must be responsive to the needs of its public shareholders (how else does Zuck get to cash-in his billions) will be using videos for ads in the not too distant future. So let’s just enjoy this new application while it is unburdened by ads and share our world with our faithful Instagram Followers. Of course, you can Buy Followers on Instagram on our site here. Selling social followers is what we do, and we offer the best and least expensive followers in the marketplace.

Here’s a video from Instagram describing the new feature: