Twitter and Vine its Video App

Twitter, the king of the short communique, continues with its pursuit of all things instant communication – provided that such things are extreme in their brevity – with the introduction of its new service called Vine. Simply put, Vine is an app. tied to your Twitter account that allows you to send out a video clip, in a manner similar to sending a Tweet. That is short and sweet – although 6 seconds, the maximum duration of a Vine video may prove to be too short to be sweet. Vine is reviewed here so you can get an idea of its purpose and capabilities:

Vine is part of Twitter but is strictly a mobile application and sorry, Windows and Blackberry, this app is for iOS and Android smartphones only. As with Twitter, Vine has its own followers. And, again like its parent and its followers, with Vine, followers are a very important element in exhibiting success and popularity. Of course, iSocialSearch will offer the opportunity to buy Vine Followers to complement its offering for people to buy Twitter Followers Cheap. Although followers will always be important either on Twitter or Vine a competitor to this new video application has emerged – from none other than Facebook’s wholly owned subsidiary Instagram! This application believes in providing users with a longer venue in which to express their video selves – 15 seconds! As with Twitter’s Vine, Instagram’s video app is designed for mobile use (meaning mobile capture and upload) with the idea of capturing your activities and immediately sharing them with others. Unlike Vine, Instagram’s video is tied directly to existing Instagram Pages, so you can buy Instagram Followers for just one page as opposed to buying followers for two pages with Vine. We will offer them all, and at the best prices in the marketplace. As the social networking world evolves, so do we!