Everyone is Buying Facebook Likes

In a fascinating reveal stemming from the U.S. Inspector General’ office, it was found that the the United States’ Department of State spent over $600,000 on buying facebook likes. Given Facebook’s importance in the world of social networking and its great influence, the State Department set about this endeavor to buy likes as a way to increase the fan base of the department’s Facebook Fan Page. The effort was to achieve a higher level of interaction with people through social media, something the Department felt it was not achieving through other means. The campaign resulted in a significant increase in the number of likes on the Department of State’s english language pages, going from around 100,000 likes to over 2 million – a significant increase. Here is an interesting news clip on this:

So, clearly if the U.S. Department of State is confident that to purchase facebook likes increases its reach and overall accessibility to social networking, then it probably makes sense for even the smallest of Facebook Fan Pages! Of course you can buy Facebook Likes Cheap from us!