The Facebook Page SEO Angle – And How Getting More Facebook Likes Play a Key Role

Increasingly, social network activity is becoming an important element in SEO. This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization which describes the goal of making a website appealing to the search engines and thus improving its ranking for keywords when queried by users of the search engines. Rankings engender traffic, which in turn can turn to money, or interest or popularity or discussion – at the least it gets you more noticed for the things you are aiming to convey to the outside world via the website. Rankings are often referred to as SERPs – search engine results page – or, as more easily understood, what page does my website appear on a search engine for my keyword(s). So, for example, if your keyword was “buy little green candies” then when a search engine user queried the phrase “buy little green candies”, which page on that particular search engine your website appeared would be your SERP. The higher the SERP the better, of course, and all SEO efforts are oriented towards getting your website’s SERP to the first page. (OMG, enough with the acronyms already!) Recent algorithm changes in the search engines now places a greater emphasis on social network activity related to a website. Of course, Facebook is the most important, most vital and largest of all the social networks. Showing activity and popularity on Facebook is going to make the search engines perceive your site as providing a good experience for the end-user as it is exhibiting popularity (which is ultimately how the most important search engines determine rankings). Now, obviously, the best way to show popularity on Facebook is through the number of likes on your FanPage. Certainly one effective and expedient way of increasing your likes/fans on your page is to purchase facebook likes from an experienced vendor. This is a safe and cheap way to jump start any campaign and help improve your popularity signals to the search engines. In other words, improve your SEO with the result of increasing your website’s SERP!