The Importance of Facebook Fans/Likes


In this age of the social network (which includes Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest) you must use this online vehicle to “get yourself out there”. Facebook, the mothership of all social networks, is the focal point for information of most online media sites, with Twitter being the instant communication vehicle. Having a Facebook Page means you are interested in promoting and informing others of your or your group or organizations products or activities. The primary measurement of how successful your campaign or outreach efforts are is the number of Likes you have on your Facebook Page promotion or information page. Receiving a like is getting a new fan which means a new customer or repeat visitor and follower of your posts. The more likes, the more fans. The more fans, the more visible your page becomes and thus the more visible your endeavor becomes. This is obviously good for you, your business or organization.

Efforts to increase likes to your page include all sorts of promotional activities, from asking friends and associates to making requests of visitors to your website or affiliated websites (e.g. the ubiquitous “like us on Facebook” plea). This can be an effective, if not time-consuming and slow (really slow) method of getting fans to like your page. Of course, given human nature, there is the crowd mentality which can engender enthusiasm. Meaning that if one sees that something is popular already, they are more apt to want to join in. Thus, having fans in itself engenders more fans (or in the case of Facebook, likes).

Because of the speed of information in the internet age, time is not your ally as it relates to garnering excitement and thus fans to your page. Under the premise that the appearance of popularity creates more popularity, the more likes you show on your page, the more likes you will get. A means of “jump-starting” a campaign to show popularity is to buy Facebook Likes or buy Facebook Fans. This is a modern way of helping spur your successful pursuit of likes (just like getting your teeth whitened makes you appear more attractive and thus makes you appear more popular and then, of course, you become more popular). This will give the appearance of success and popularity, and as any good salesperson will tell you, people like to do business with (or be involved with) people they perceive as successful (thus the success will reflect on themselves). Buying Facebook Fans and Likes is a relatively simple undertaking – just make sure you use the right vendor. In particular, look for one that has been in existence for a fair amount of time thus avoiding fly-by-nighters who will disappear (along with your likes). has been in existence since 2008, so its longevity provides a high degree of comfort for customers.

Finally, don’t be shy or afraid about buying likes/fans. Methods of reputable vendors are Facebook safe and such purchases are invisible to your visitors (and, hopefully, current or soon-to-be current fans). As many media outlets have reported, the use of purchased fans/likes is prominent among politicians and celebrities (hmmm, just like teeth whitening is) and is much more pervasive than you might think. Don’t be left behind in your pursuit to drive enthusiasm and participation in your Facebook page!